Almost Normal (6 min)
2021. Cambridge, MA

Directed by Eliza Malecki
Choreographed by Eliza Malecki in collaboration with the performers
Performed by Aliza Franz, Isabel Ball, and Erin McNulty
Videography by Olivia Moon Photography
​Animations by Lisa Lam
Artistic Design by Alaina Montuori
Set and Costume Design by Eliza Malecki
​Music by The Sparks


  • Almost Normal Almost Party (Boston, MA December 2021)


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Agent! (1 min)
2020. Brighton, MA

Choreography, Costumes, and Editing by Eliza Malecki
Performed by Eliza Malecki and Angela Cole
​Photography by Patrick Donahoe


  • Life Screenings International One Minute Film Festival (November 2020, Clermont, Florida)

  • Screendance Festival (March 2021, Stockholm, Sweden)

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The picnic

sisters (3 min)

2020. Mt. Vernon, ME.

Choreography by Eliza Malecki and Molly Hess (The Picnic Sisters)
Original Music by Alaina Lynne
Animation by Mila Barnes-Bukher

Costumes by Molly Hess


  • Virtually premiered October 2020 

  • PlatArtístic - Spring Dancefilm Fest (March 2021, Barcelona, Spain)

  • Acadia Dance Festival (July 2021, Bar Harbor, ME)

  • Weird Local Film Festival (September 2021, Somerville, MA)

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Underwater picnic (1.5 min)​2018. Towson, MD.

Choreography, costumes, and editing by Eliza Malecki
Performed by Eliza Malecki, Alex Garland, Amelia Meier, Auriane Vacher, Caroline Burden, Claire Fraser, Elisha Lion, Esther Gordon, Julia Piper, Marissa Hamby, Skye Pickering, Tamar Reisner-Stehman, and Zoe Brodsky
Photography by Victoria Awkward