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Light Design: Sarah Pacheco

Emcee: Aliza Franz

Lost and Found

Choreographed and performed by

Eliza Malecki


Ghost Walk by The Budos Band

Hung Over by The Martini's

August 10 by Khruangbin

Dreamflower by Tarika Blue

Tighten Up, Pt. 1 by Archie Bell & The Drells

Voice Samples by Eliza Malecki and Khadijah Williams

Lost and Found is a dissected + reconstructed excerpt of a full length show premiering in October 2024. This sneak peek holds a magnifying glass to the emotions tangled in the morning routine, from moments of tender affection to the occasional whirlwind of inner turmoil.


Choreographed, written, and performed by

Rajita Menon


Blackbird by The Beatles

Junkeri by Bipul Chhetri

Ajeeb Dasten by Latamangeshkar

घर is an ode to my home and your home and to the very idea of home; the precious luggage we take with us when we leave home behind; the sweet and sad singing of the bird that haunted your balcony 20 years ago; the rhythm of your mum hugging you; the whos and wheres and hows of home


True Story

Choreographed and performed by



Techno Etude by Anthony Brocatto

Movies by Weyes Blood

Reborn by Colin Stetson

Sounds sampled and composed by Caitlin Canty

True Story is a collection of horrors. Meandering through representations of the female body in mass media and horror films and scary stories told at sleepovers, True Story transforms from Diva to Monstress and then attempts to emerge on the other end of a horrible tale. Boo, bitch!

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