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Traffic Jam

(2023, 16 min)

A dance fashion show commissioned for the launch event for 5one7 Beauty. This piece is inspired by a childhood spent playing dress up and the joy in being a big kid continuing to experiment, connect, play, and dream.

Choreographed by Eliza Malecki in collaboration with the dancers

Styled by Mary O'Keefe

Clothing by WowQing

Dancers: Mereditch Price, Rajita Menon, Erica Codd, Simon Montalvo, and Katrina Conte

Models: Tamira Acce, Ashley Fahey, Kristina Ksander, Sam Moriconi, and Junior Sainvil

​Music by Kah-Lo, Erykah Badu, Vulfpeck, Fabich, and Emotional Oranges


  • 5one7 Beauty Launch (Chroma Studios, Peabody, MA August 2023)

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