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Choreography Drop-In Sessions


Choreography Drop In Sessions (AKA Dancin' With Eliza) were born out of a personal interest in my creative process and how I best generate movement material. Trial and error revealed that I create well under pressure and with no preparation, and have infinitely more fun with people to dance and workshop ideas with. Attendees range from professional to first time dancers, and the whole point is for me to create a composition or movement phrase on the spot that is built for the people in the room. These sessions are meant to be low stakes spaces for me to explore my creativity and for folks to learn new choreography and make connections along the way!

Drop In Sessions are incredibly positive and uplifting spaces that are meant to be a driver of a stronger creative community. The arts can be isolating, but these free drop in sessions are low stakes ways to engage in the dance world and meet like minded individuals. 

For updates on Choreography Drop In Sessions, follow me on Instagram!

Video by Kaila Caffey

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